Appointible is Business messaging platform

We created the visual part of the brand from scratch, starting with the Logo and ending with the UI/UX for the desktop and mobile versions of the website.

Client Appointible
Country UK
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Logo Options

We have created more than 7 logo options

Color Palette and Fonts

Home page

Simple icons

Simple icons for sections on the main page, so as not to distract attention from important information

Hand-drawn icons

Complex hand-drawn icons for the Features page

Custom illustrations

We created unique illustrations that correspond to the brand's positive but businesslike mood!

Mobile version

Since more than 60% of traffic was planned for the mobile version of the site, we paid special attention to it and tried to make the experience of the mobile user as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Desktop version

The main pages of the desktop version of the site

DesignRush, known for its logo design awards has chosen our design to be featured among The Best Minimal Logo Designs